Mycronic smd storage systems

Pick & Pace from Danutek

Mycronic SMD Tower Component Storage Systems. Automated and MSD component storage. Small footprint, eliminates error, various models with up to 658 reel capacity

mycronic pick & place system my100
Pick & Pace from Danutek

Mycronic range of advanced Pick & Place systems. Wide range of flexible systems which can be configured for high mix to high volume applications to suit your needs. Individual machines to fully integra ted production line solutions. Various models available which can accommodate up to 176 feeder positions and up to 50,000 components per hour

oDD form assembly

Danutek - Off Form Assembly

Odd-form process automation is an efficient way to improve profitability in an area where an otherwise smooth running production line usually slows down. Automation here improves profitability significantly by increasing the throughput and assembly quality